Monday, October 3, 2011

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Best, Better and Bestest

BYU just wrapped up their 2011 football recruiting class. We have been following and writing about BYU football for over 30 years, and know that nothing is ever really known about what kind of players are signed until you see them on the field at this level.

Manoa Pikula

That still doesn't stop us from giving our opinion on some of these players. We think the the best guy BYU sigened in this group is 6-1, 225 linebacker, Manoa Pikula. Barring injury, this kid will be a major contributor to the Cougar football program.

He also has one of the best highlight videos we have seen in some time. Hence, best, better and bestest.

Here's the video. Pikula is #22.

Monday, December 20, 2010

BYU Coaches Surfing

Bronco Mendenhall is reportedly in Mexico with his family for Christmas. He likely is surfing on the waves. His offensive assistants are also surfing. That would be surfing the net for new jobs.

In case you missed it, reports are that Mendenhall has told all of his five offensive assistants to aggressively look for new employment. He plans on revamping his offensive staff.

All five current assistants can apply again for employment and Mendenhall will evaluate their coaching resumes and assets.

It has been obvious for some time that there would be a shuffle in the offensive coaching staff.

Here are a couple of our thoughts on this.

1. We expect at least two of the coaches to be brought back. Mendenhall is not going to re-tool the staff with all new faces. With an offense that will be centered on sophomores, there will have to be some continuity in coaching to keep these young players in the fold and progressing.

2. Mendenhall did the coaches that won't be back a favor. They now can go looking for new jobs if they want. Recruiting is done and coaches can go to the Coaches convention in January and see what is out there. From Mendenhall's and BYU' view, there are no recruits in this coming class that are tied to a coach. They could all go down the road and it wouldn't affect this recruiting class.

3. If Jaime Hill is still drawing a BYU paycheck until July of next year, so will all of the coaches that aren't retained. It is a pretty good severance package. As of now, no coaches have been fired. They have just been told to aggressively look for other employment.

4. We expect the two coaches to remain to be Brandon Doman and Lance Reynolds.

5. Bronco might be surprised by the caliber of candidates he will get submitting resumes.

6. Of the five current offensive coaches, only Brandon Doman and Mark Weber were hired by Mendenhall.

After all the stories on line today, BYU finally released a statement tonight. Here it is.

BYU statement regarding published reports that BYU football coaches have been released

Any reports that BYU football coaches have been released from the staff are inaccurate. BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall has begun the evaluation process of the recently completed season. As part of the process, Mendenhall met with offensive coaches and indicated a restructuring of the offensive staff is being evaluated. Mendenhall told the coaches this includes possible changes in assignments and personnel. The review will continue after the holidays and has no specific timetable.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Neilson Off To Good Start

Issac Neilson, the 6-10 early signee for Dave Rose and the Cougars is off to a good start to his senior season.
In his first four games of a season-opening tournament hosted by his Mission Viejo HS team, Neilson averaged 14 points, 8 blocks and 12 rebounds per game. He was named the MVP of the tournament. He wears #35.

Below are highlights of his play in the championship game against Upland HS, one of the top high school teams in Southern California.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New 2010 BYU Basketball Signees

BYU Basketball coaches are all smiles after announcing four new basketball players will be joining the program next season. Picture above are Cougar assistants Tim LaComb and Dave Rice on the left and right with Dave Rose and new signee Isaac Neilson in the middle.

The Cougars announced that Demarcus Harrison, a 6-5, 190 pound shooting guard from Greenwood, SC has signed with the Cougars. He currently plays at the prep school, Christ School in Arden, NC. Isaac Neilson, a 6-10 post player with a 7-foot-3 inch wing span, has also signed. He is from Mission Viejo HS in Southern Cal.

BYU also announced the return of two other post players, Nate Austin and Ian Harward. They both will be returning from LDS missions and be enrolled in school next fall.

Click Here for the official BYU press release about the signings.

Demarcus Harrison

Isaac Neilson
Ian Harward
Nate Austin

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More Neilson Video

Isaac Neilson committed to Dave Rose and the BYU basketball program about 10 days ago.We have posted two more videos from Neilson's AAU play this past spring and High school tournament play last Christmas.

This first video is the Christmas tournament where Neilson, #35, scored 16 points, had 13 blocks and 11 rebounds.

This video is from AAU play this past spring. He is wearing #45.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BYU Basketball's Next Legacy Recruit

Tyler Haws was Dave Rose's last legacy recruit. He was the son of former BYU basketballer Marty Haws and is currently serving an LDS mission after playing last season as a freshman.

Get ready for another legacy link a year from now. That would be Jordan Chatman, pictured above. He is the son of former BYU basketball star Jeff Chatman.

Dave Rose and his staff offered Chatman  this past summer, but they will have to wait another year before he can sign a letter of intent. Chatman is only a junior this year and will be playing this season for Union HS in Camas, Washington.

Last season he played for Skyview HS in Ridgeview, WA. Chatman is now 6-4 and getting better each year. His improvement as a player is documented by his current scholarship offers. Besides BYU, Utah State and Portland have already offered. You can expect more offers to start coming his way as the new basketball season gets underway.

Here is a video of his play this past summer in Las Vegas. He is wearing #44.